The Pignoletto-Grape

The queen of Colli Bolognesi

Pignoletto is an Italian grape, which is grown mainly in Emilia-Romagna in the Colli Bolognesi. The Pignoletto grape is also very popular for sparkling wine production or as a cuvé partner for different DOC white wines of the region.

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The Pignoletto-Grape

Frizzante and wine from the Pignoletto grape in Austria

Experts suggest that the Pignoletto grape already has a long history. Namesake is likely to be the form of the grape. The Pignoletto grape is reminiscent of a pine cone - in Italian also called "Pigna". It is also known by the synonyms Grechetto Gentile, Alionzina, Pignoletto Bolognesi, Pignoletta Bianca, Pignolino, Pignolo and Uve Grilli. Since the Pignoletto but in the Colli Bolognesi even DOC status has, this is also usually sold under the name Pignoletto.

The autochthonous white wine variety grows in the rolling hills of Bologna - the "Colli Bolognesi". The grape is very demanding on soil and grape care, which is why not many winegrowers have specialized in the stubborn Pignoletto grape. But the unique aroma with the sour freshness reward the winemakers then for their hard work. The grapes are read by hand and pressed completely gently. At a temperature of 18-22 degrees, the must is later fermented. The further processing of the Pignoletto grape is a question of faith of the winegrower and is perfected from year to year.

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Pignoletto wird in verschiedenen Versionen hergestellt: still, prickelnd, Sekt, Passito und Spätlese

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