The region Colli Bolognesi

Beauty in Emilia-Romagna

Nestled gently in the hilly countryside south of Bologna, Colli Bolognesi is situated in the heart of Emilia-Romagna in Italy. The meaning of Colli Bolognesi in English is simply "Bolognese Hill".

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Colli Bolognesi

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The Colli Bolognesi with its extraordinary landscape and profound history is one of the cradles of viticulture. Archaeological findings show that the Etruscans in the area of ​​Bologna planted wine and olives here. Later, when the Romans settled in what is today Emilia-Romagna, the winemaking tradition intensified even further.

Colli Bolognesi has experienced a great boom in recent years. Many innovative winegrowers produce wines of the highest international standard.

The soil in the Colli Bolognesi could not be better for growing quality wine. The loose soil of sandstone, limestone, congomerate and clay favors the vine growth as well as the prevailing continental climate.

Only here in the idyllic landscape around Bologna grow the Pignoletto grapes. These are considered a special specialty of the region. The autochthonous grapevine is handcrafted by more than 125 winemakers. You can read more about the Pignoletto grape here.

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